Shepparton Vet Care Going Ahead in Leaps and Hounds

Veterinarians that specialise in greyhound racing are worth their weight in gold, and as such the Shepparton Greyhound Racing Club is delighted with its recent appointment of Dr. Zoe Manning (pictured left).

While working in the sport and with the greyhound breed is new to 30-year-old Zoe, she is now the club’s permanent race day vet, as well as spending a full non-race day at the club doing general vet work. She will also be doing placements with leading greyhound vets to fast track her development.

“I’m two years out of vet school and since then I have been working in the dairy industry, so working in a clinic at a greyhound track is a fresh new challenge,” said Dr. Manning, who is a member of the Greyhound Veterinary Association Committee.

“I’ve been working at Shepparton for a couple of weeks now and I’m finding it really interesting working with greyhounds, as they are athletes essentially. I’ve spoken with other greyhound vets who have been really encouraging and I’ve been learning a lot, so hopefully it all works out and I can make a long-term career out of specialised greyhound treatment.”

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“Our regional area doesn’t really have a specialised greyhound vet so Zoe’s appointment is being terrifically received by our members,” McGrath said.

“The clinic has started off doing basic vet work such as micro-chipping, vaccinations, bloods and general vet work. We want the clinic to be a greyhound friendly environment for our participants at better value than we can currently get in our area.”

“We as a club are very excited at having a vet clinic at the track, and a lot of the credit has to go to retired vet Dr. Chris Werner and President of the Greyhound Veterinary Association, Dr. Ray Fergurson for their input in making this idea come to fruition.”

Note: The Shepparton GRC’s Veterinary Clinic is currently open on Wednesdays from 8:00am to 3:00pm. Appointments can be made via the club on 5823 5577.

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Dr. Zoe Manning is flanked by the Shepparton GRC’s Manager Carl McGrath (left) and President John Martin.