Trialling Information

Trial schedule (note all trials are to be booked):


Please note: Race Day Trials will ONLY be taken over the phone as per normal.


Arm Trials: Wednesday morning from 8am – finish. Bookings via FastTrack/Club from 10am Monday – 12pm Tuesday.


Saturday trials start 8am – finish. Bookings via FastTrack/Club from 10am Thursday – 12pm Friday.

Arm trials are $10 per trial.


Please note: In the event of public holidays only FastTrack bookings can be made


Trainers note that arm trials are scheduled at 3 minute intervals with a 15 minute break every 15 trials (i.e. every hour) to allow for matting of the track and watering if required. Several phone calls are taken each minute and the number of trials each trainer books will greatly affect the booking times.


Pen Trials:

After all race meetings over all distances.

Trials to be booked on the day and paid for prior to the 2nd last race

Solo (maximum 2 dogs) and half field trials available.

Trial order to be – 1. Satisfactory trials 2. 650m half field 3. 650m solo 4. 450m half field 5. 450m solo 6. 390m half field 7. 390m solo.

Half field trials $5 per dog, solo trials $10


Heat trial policy:

The SGRC has adopted GRV’s race day heat policy for trials and as such should the Bureau of Meteorology be predicting a temperature of 40 degrees for the day of the schedule trials at 4pm the previous day then trial will be cancelled and trainers will be notified. When booking trials in the summer months please leave a contact number when booking your trials.


Please click the below image to book your trial online.